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Legislature 101 Orientation

Intimidated by the square building on Beretania Street and don’t know where to start?  This easy to understand overview of the Legislature and how to talk to legislators will help you maneuver through the Session.

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Legislative Strategic Planning

Got an issue that needs a new law or amendment to the law? Organizations benefit from establishing legislative goals, and the who, what and when of moving forward.


Coaching for Meetings with Legislators and Testifying

Do you know the meaning of a courtesy meeting and how it is different from a meeting about a specific bill?  There is a certain etiquette about meetings with legislators and testimony presentation. 

Grants/Project Management

Has your nonprofit organization received government funds to award to multiple contractors and you need help with administrative oversight?   Outsourcing oversight of RFP process, contractor compliance with requirements and deliverables can ease the stress of limited organization staffing. 

Problem Solving with Government Agencies

Have a challenge with a State or County Department that is affecting accounts payable or service delivery?  Meetings with a third party facilitator, the organization and government agency may get to the heart of the problem and fix it. 


Report Writing

Do you procrastinate about writing a project report, grants report to the government contractor or white paper?  Outsourcing writing projects for your review, edit and final report can take the worry out of completing projects. 

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